# inflation

# Abstract

The x/inflation module mints new Evmos tokens and allocates them in daily epochs according to the Evmos Token Model (opens new window) distribution to

  • Staking Rewards 40%,
  • Team Vesting 25%,
  • Usage Incentives: 25%,
  • Community Pool 10%.

It replaces the currently used Cosmos SDK x/mint module.

The allocation of new coins incentivizes specific behaviour in the Evmos network. Inflation allocates funds to 1) the Fee Collector account (in the sdk x/auth module) to increase staking rewards, 2) the x/incentives module account to provide supply for usage incentives and 3) the community pool (managed by sdk x/distr module) to fund spending proposals.

# Contents

  1. Concepts
  2. State
  3. Hooks
  4. Events
  5. Parameters
  6. Clients