# Parameters

The fees module contains the following parameters:

Key Type Default Value
EnableRevenue bool true
DeveloperShares sdk.Dec 50%
AddrDerivationCostCreate uint64 50

# Enable Revenue Module

The EnableRevenue parameter toggles all state transitions in the module. When the parameter is disabled, it will prevent any transaction fees from being distributed to contract deployers and it will disallow contract registrations, updates or cancellations.

# Developer Shares Amount

The DeveloperShares parameter is the percentage of transaction fees that is sent to the contract deployers.

# Address Derivation Cost with CREATE opcode

The AddrDerivationCostCreate parameter is the gas value charged for performing an address derivation in the contract registration process. A flat gas fee is charged for each address derivation iteration. We allow a maximum number of 20 iterations, and therefore a maximum number of 20 nonces can be given for deriving the smart contract address from the deployer's address.