# Snapshots & Archive Nodes

Quickly sync your node with Evmos using a snapshot or serve queries for prev versions using archive nodes

# List of Snapshots and Archives

Below is a list of publicly available snapshots that you can use to sync with the Evmos mainnet and archived 9001-1 mainnet (opens new window):

:::: tabs ::: tab Snapshots

Name URL
Staketab github.com/staketab/nginx-cosmos-snap (opens new window)
Polkachu polkachu.com (opens new window)
Nodes Guru snapshots.nodes.guru/evmos_9001-2/

::: ::: tab Archives

Name URL
Nodes Guru snapshots.nodes.guru/evmos_9001-1 (opens new window)
Polkachu polkachu.com/tendermint_snapshots/evmos (opens new window)
Forbole bigdipper.live/evmos_9001-1 (opens new window)

::: ::::

To access snapshots and archives, follow the process below (this code snippet is to access a snapshot of the current network, evmos_9001-2, from Nodes Guru):

Copy cd $HOME/.evmosd/data wget https://snapshots.nodes.guru/evmos_9001-2/evmos_9001-2-410819.tar tar xf evmos_9001-2-410819.tar