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The Evmos Testnet is a decentralized blockchain network that runs parallel to the Mainnet. It allows developers to test and deploy their decentralized applications (dApps) in a safe and secure environment without the risk of losing real funds. It is run by Validators using the same software as on the Evmos Mainnet, which means it is built using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and supports the Ethereum toolchain. This makes it compatible with a vast ecosystem of existing Ethereum-based applications and tools.

Using the Evmos Testnet provides several benefits for dApp developers. Firstly, it enables them to test and refine their smart contracts and dApps in a sandbox environment without the risk of making costly mistakes. Developers can experiment with different use cases and scenarios, simulate various network conditions, and stress test their applications to ensure they are scalable and resilient. Secondly, the Evmos Testnet provides a community-driven and collaborative platform for developers to share knowledge, best practices, and code. This can help developers to speed up their development process and tap into a wealth of resources and expertise.

Find out below how to connect to Testnet and request testnet tokens from the Faucet to start developing. Note, that tokens on Testnet don’t have actual value, so that you don’t need to worry about losing funds.

Connect to Testnet


Add Evmos Testnet to Keplr.

To add Evmos to Metamask, head over here to add Testnet and Mainnet.