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Learn how to rollback the chain version in the case of an unsuccessful chain upgrade.

In order to restore a previous chain version, the following data must be recovered by validators:

  • the database that contains the state of the previous chain (in ~/.evmosd/data by default)
  • the priv_validator_state.json file of the validator (also in ~/.evmosd/data by default)

If validators don't possess their database data, another validator should share a copy of the database. Validators will be able to download a copy of the data and verify it before starting their node. If validators don't have the backup priv_validator_state.json file, then those validators will not have double-sign protection on their first block.

Restoring State Procedure

  1. First, stop your node.

  2. Then, copy the contents of your backup data directory back to the EVMOS_HOME/data directory (which, by default, should be ~/.evmosd/data).

# Assumes backup is stored in "backup" directory
rm -rf ~/.evmosd/data
mv backup/.evmosd/data ~/.evmosd/data
  1. Next, install the previous version of Evmos.
# from evmos directory
git checkout <prev_version>
make install
## verify version
evmosd version --long
  1. Finally, start the node.
evmosd start