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To honor development best practices, the team defined a Types.sol file that keeps types shared along the precompiled contracts.

  • Types.sol
/// @dev Dec represents a fixed point decimal value. The value is stored as an integer, and the
/// precision is stored as a uint8. The value is multiplied by 10^precision to get the actual value.
struct Dec {
uint256 value;
uint8 precision;

/// @dev Coin is a struct that represents a token with a denomination and an amount.
struct Coin {
string denom;
uint256 amount;

/// @dev DecCoin is a struct that represents a token with a denomination, an amount and a precision.
struct DecCoin {
string denom;
uint256 amount;
uint8 precision;

/// @dev PageResponse is a struct that represents a page response.
struct PageResponse {
bytes nextKey;
uint64 total;

/// @dev PageRequest is a struct that represents a page request.
struct PageRequest {
bytes key;
uint64 offset;
uint64 limit;
bool countTotal;
bool reverse;

/// @dev Height is a monotonically increasing data type
/// that can be compared against another Height for the purposes of updating and
/// freezing clients
/// Normally the RevisionHeight is incremented at each height while keeping
/// RevisionNumber the same. However some consensus algorithms may choose to
/// reset the height in certain conditions e.g. hard forks, state-machine
/// breaking changes In these cases, the RevisionNumber is incremented so that
/// height continues to be monotonically increasing even as the RevisionHeight
/// gets reset
struct Height {
// the revision that the client is currently on
uint64 revisionNumber;
// the height within the given revision
uint64 revisionHeight;